Décor Dictionary: Cabriole Leg

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Cabriole Leg: (pronounced: cab-ri-ole) refers to a tapering furniture leg with an outwards curving (convex) “knee” and an inwards curving (concave) “ankle” ending in an ornamental foot. It is most commonly associated with the English Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture styles of the 18th century as well as the French furniture of the Louis XV period. The name derives from the French term cabrioler, meaning “to leap like a goat” – so named for its likeness to the leg of a leaping animal.

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“Today for Tomorrow” at Made by You Pop-Up Shop

Cavendish Square collaborated with local green designers to create sustainable products from the waste recycled by the centre. These chic & functional products can be bought at their Made by You & Cavendish Square Recycling Pop up store during the month of October 2014…

I rather like that title “Today for Tomorrow” as a WDC 2014 initiative.  To me it carries a very powerful message of being present in what we undertake today, with a view of impacting our environment and surrounding going into tomorrow. One of those “speaks for itself” taglines.

And in keeping with the whole pop-up shop trend that is still gaining momentum in Cape Town, it is heart warming to see one of Cape Town’s landmark upmarket shopping malls, Cavendish Square, playing host to a designer orientated pop-up shop. For those further afield from Cape Town, just a piece of useless information – Cavendish Square has many, many designer label shops. Mostly all in the “High Street” genre. That to me then makes this initiative by Cavendish really cool – bringing in your street level designer labels and giving them exposure alongside the high street labels. Just the kinda inclusive exposure these designers need.

 I realise that it is a bit late in the month, but for those of us in the Cape Town area, there is still time to nip over to Cavendish to take in the power of creative design influences by local designers. Something that we can surely be very Proudly South African.

Pretty Pink for Cancer Awareness

By Marica

We recently spotted a post on the Decorex blog reminding us that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In the post they list a few local initiatives that contribute towards the cancer cause and not only gives back to those affected but also funds research. Read their blog post: here. Please also consider supporting the cause directly by pledging a donating on the CANSA website: here.

I also feel that as ladies we have a personal duty to create awareness within our inner circles – the word of a friend carries far greater weight than that of impersonal third party.

Here is a quick and worthy example: The first Monday of every month I have “Cook Club” – a joyful gathering where eight like-minded ladies socialize over great food and excellent company. We generally have a rip-roaring good time with a good measure of side-splitting laughter. At this month’s gathering one of the lovely ladies plucked out a plastic bag filled with intriguing yet hidden goodies and ominously said: “Pick one, but beware – each has a consequence.

One by one we cautiously stuck our hand in the mysterious bag and blindly picked an item – which all turned out to be some kind of body-care product. She then went on to explain the consequence (or rather commitment) of each item picked. The ladies who picked the lotion had to commit to administering a breast self-examination, those who picked the lip balm had to do the same AND additionally tell a friend. Two ladies (of which I am one) chose the room spray which we leant meant scheduling an appointment with a gynae within the next year, and so it went on…

Don’t you agree that this is an unthreatening and fun way to create cancer awareness? Why not try it on your girlfriends this October…

You can read more about breast cancer awareness and prevention on the CANSA website: here.

Now of course, since we here at The Tabloid are all about the pretty, we couldn’t forgo the opportunity to show you something pretty, pink and local in celebration of Breast Awareness Month. Find some pink inspiration below…


1 Pink Lego Bookends by Big Kid Designs available through Hello Pretty.
2 Pale Pink Ceramic Jug by Nest available through Spree.
3 Candy Heart Oven Glove available at Mr. Price Home.
4 Pink Neon-Striped Scarf by Style Republic available through Spree.
5 Candyfloss Ombré Pink Cushion Cover by Touchee Feelee.
6 Blossom Bird Scatter Cushion available at Mr. Price Home.

Trend Alert: Paint-Splattered

By Marica

A quirky décor trend is doing the rounds – paint-splattering… everything. The trend, which started with dreamy wishy-washy watercolour splotches and inky spills, has now evolved into grungier splatters and drips. AND, if Pinterest is anything to go by it’s gaining serious momentum – bold splashes on walls, furniture, ceramics and of course my absolute favourite… scatter cushions.

Like most décor trends we can thank the fashion industry and catwalks for the revival of this bespeckled fad. Revival, you ask? Why yes! In fact, the paint splattered look is far from new – those who haven’t block out the dreaded 80’s completely might remember this red hot trend.

I can understand the fascination – it’s bright, vibrant and playful. Not to mention that recreating this look would be a breeze even for a DIY novice like me. I now have sudden and urgent desire to go all Jackson Pollock over some of my stuff. Why not try it yourself – don’t think of it as a mess but rather an opportunity for aesthetic self-expression.