Hot Trend: Patchwork Tiles

By Marica

One hot hot hot décor trend that we’ve been keeping our eye on for the past year or so is the patterned tile trend. The web is a-wash with images of beautiful contemporary interiors tiled with traditional Moroccan or Mediterranean-style tiles. It started slow – a good thing I think as this trend is so visually stimulating it might take one a while to adjust to its attractive yet imposing busyness.

The trend has gradually migrated from floors to walls which has only made us like it all the more. Using a mix-and-match selection of tiles with different colours and patterns further enhances the playfulness of this trend. The end result is a quirky and eclectic patchwork effect with a slight Bohemian flavour.

This trend is however not for the faint-hearted. Balance is also very important. If you want your patchwork tiles to have maximum appeal it is best to introduce it to a fresh space with an overly white backdrop. The trendy Scandi-type style would be the perfect match.

If you love the idea of having patchwork tiles in your home but don’t feel brave enough to commit to tiling a large area – start small. Apply it as a small backsplash in your guest loo, or intersperse it with plain white tiles for a more reserved style statement.

Need a little patterned tile inspiration? Check out these gorgeous tiled examples…

{click image to enlarge and view source}

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