Beautiful Nurseries

By Marica

I am currently in that phase of my life where I am surrounded on all sides by babies. Friends, family – all either pregnant or tending their newborns… you should see my Facebook wall. Being childless (wow that sounds harsh), I find it hard to relate to my all friends’ “new parent chatter” and it is quite difficult to contribute anything of worth to their baby conversations. However, if there is one thing I do know, it’s interiors! Nurseries – now there is something I can get in to!

As I’ve said before in blog posts past, I get very frustrated with some of the current nursery trends. It’s either way too stark or too O.T.T. (that is “over the top”)… just remember you are decorating for a cute and cuddly little person – I believe your nursery interior should reflect this.

It seems, unfortunately, that (similar to the wedding industry) the baby retail market charges exorbitant amounts of money for items and furniture simply because it’s infant or child related. I can hear my friends’ poor wallets groaning from here… as if nappies aren’t expensive enough. Luckily there are some current trends in your favour – vintage and DIY is hot! You can therefore save some money by sprucing up well-chosen items purchased either secondhand or while thrifting.

Excellent nursery design inspiration is also just a few clicks away! There are so many beautiful and tastefully done nursery pics on the net – in fact I see a follow-up post in the near future maybe with a couple of tips! I’ve posted a handful of my favourite nursery images below…

{click image to enlarge & view source}

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  1. Loving the color schemes in these rooms! The whites and mint greens are soft and precious just like a baby, but also a big fan of the bold nursery designed by Lindsey Fryers! Very rock n’ roll!

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