Urban Gardening Solution

Today, I want to share something useful that I discovered on Superbalist yesterday (my daily online shopping experience – not that I buy much, but I so enjoy it).  It’s something for your exterior living and super functional in my books.

Ta-da – I give you the BACSAC Planter Bag – the urban gardening solution. Why would this tickle my fancy so much?  When I saw this practical planter bag, what immediately came to mind were images of the balcony / patio gardens that are found in typical apartment living in Europe.  Since urban living is gaining huge momentum, I think that this product can make it possible for so many urbanites living in apartment blocks or houses with tiny gardens to become very much a part of the green finger community. Why should apartment living rob you of the opportunity of being a gardener?

These bags make it possible to plant colourful blooms, herbs, veggies and anything that takes your fancy. Plus – they have handles, which makes them mobile (granted for the bigger bags you going to have to grow some muscle at the same time). My hubby would love these. Since we have discovered the delight of eating veggies straight out of the garden, he has devoted a great deal of time to his veggie patch. However during the winter months it kinda grinds to a halt, because the patch has too little sun. So, he has taken to potting the herbs and some veggies in pots, which he moves around while following the sun.

I have recently once again come to appreciate the old fashion (or vintage as the politically correct term is lately) practise of potting your herbs and popping them onto the window sill as a decorative extra.  It adds that warm fuzzy feeling to kitchens – and these bags are perfect for that.

Some facts about the bags: UV-resistant, virtually indestructible planter bags. Guaranteed for five years and fashioned from a 100% recyclable geotextile.

So urbanites, to quote Superbalist, lets love our everyday environment by capturing nature in a bag.

Images via Bacsac


4 thoughts on “Urban Gardening Solution

  1. Rose, I simply love these planter bags. I think they are just the coolest concept.
    I also love the idea of using little bags on a desk- like Heather’s from Skinny LaMinx.

    • Hey Lelanie – how you doing dahl? Yeah I thought the same and that is why I could not resist drawing attention to them via a blog article. Skinny’s bag are just as nice, but these have very distinctive properties that make them weather proof. And they are ‘ green’!

  2. I love these bags because they can be used in many ways, even for complicated vertical gardening. In fact, using these bags is definitely the cheapest and coolest way to save some space. I’m using some of them for my “basil wall” in the kitchen and I am about to use some colourful ones on my balcony.

    • Hi there Anne – That sounds really interesting – the basil wall that is. It would be great if you could pop an image over to us just so we can get more of a gist of how to do it. I just think that we here in SA – still have to learn to appreciate the fact that patio/balcony gardens are critically essential for urban living. That’s my opinion anyway.

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