Most Beautiful Object in S.A. 2014 is…



And the winner, by public vote, for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2014 is… 

…”Steam 1886″


Steam 1886 Fashion Film from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.

Steam 1886 is a short fantasy video showcasing the fashion, hats, gadgets and lifestyle that could have been the future of 19th century steampunk culture.

The film portrays the decadent nature of the steam era with strong gun-slinging women and rough grizzly men. An ominous presence is felt throughout the video until attack strikes, where the only thing that remains is the elaborate fashion. This outcome evokes the idea that generations disappear but fashion lives on forever. The wardrobe, hair, makeup and accessories in the film are all as beautiful as the video itself.


“It all came about after weeks of mulling over an idea to shoot a Steam Punk fashion video right before the summer production season hots up in Cape Town. I had the idea, but no location to shoot it in. I then walked into David Donde’s new Truth Coffee shop in Cape Town, and knew that it was the perfect location for the video.” ~ Adrian Lazarus (Director)


Directed by Adrain Lazarus and Nicky Felbert, the film is shot inside of one Cape Town’s creative hotspots, Truth Coffee. With the exception of the vintage fixtures, Truth’s interior and furniture were specially designed for Truth Coffee by Cape Town designer Haldane Martin and his interior design team. The result is an iconic space with an authentic steampunk character.

{What do you think of this year’s MBOISA winner? Who did you vote for?}


One thought on “Most Beautiful Object in S.A. 2014 is…

  1. Nice post Rose.

    I follow a bit of Steampunk music myself

    Check out Abney Park & The Cog is Dead. Two of the bigger exponents of Steampunk music
    The music can be very uplifting with catchy tunes harking back to the Victorian Industrial Revolution. Different best sums up the music.
    Of course with the music come the fashion and decor.

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