{FREE} Valentine’s Day Printable Gift Tags


Look ye here – it’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day!! It is almost scary to see how quickly it has swung our way again!

Things were so hectic in this office at the end of last year that we were not in a position to participate in the Consol Glass competition for the Xmas E-Book (Boo Hoo).  But we had determined that since they had supplied us with a few interesting glass containers, we would put them to good use for our Valentine’s Day blog posts.

This year, Marica’s mind went in the direction of those yummy edible gifts – you know cupcakes, muffins, sweeties, nuts and even a peach pud. After all – were we not told of old that “the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach.”  And since we know that “glass adds class” – we think we have a winning combination.

However, that then is not the end of the story.  In fact, the true essence of this post is going to be these super, cool free printable tags that Marica designed.  We try as a rule to avoid what we think to be “cheesy or corny” Valentine’s Day ideas, by steering away from the anticipated red and white images.  But hey – these tags and their tag lines are just so cute, that we are going with being “cute cheesy” this year.   I personally love it and think Marica has done a sterling job with them. Particularly by making them accessible to our readers as printables – sharing the luv!

Oh My Gosh – if I carry on writing any further, I will embarrass myself with the cheesy clichés I am coming up with. So, enough already from me.  All that remains to be said – kudos to you Marica.

CALL TO ACTION – get printing; make yummy edibles, pop into glass containers – and – ENJOY YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY with whoever you choose to share it with.


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