Pinterest Lovelies

A  happy 2014 to all our friends and readers! I trust you all had very merry new year’s celebrations?

Okay – so I decided that it would be cool to share some our Pinterest pins with you while we take a bit of a break away from our desks this Festive Season.

And in the spirit of just being light-hearted and playful, I decided to share pins that are along the magical and fantasy lines – images that take me to a really happy space.

I have a board that I have called “Lovelies” and onto it I have pinned stuff that evoke the word “lovely” from me. I am a Libra so I like beautiful stuff, pretty stuff, pink stuff and some touching stuff as well.

I hope that in sharing these images with you, it will just bring us a bit closer to each other – with you getting to know me a tad better.

{click on image to enlarge and view source}

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