More Washi Tape Christmas Ideas

Have you also noticed the rapid and steady rise of Washi Tape as a decorative element? Gosh it seems to be everywhere I look lately. Last week we posted some inspirational examples of beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts that featured Washi Tape as decoration (view it here). It made me wonder in what other way I can apply the “Washi Tape Treatment” to my decorations this Festive Season. Washi Tape really is such a versatile and easy DIY décor element to add into your Christmas gifts, tags and table décor.

At Xmas time the only lists you will find me making, is the ingredients for my share of the Christmas dinner, gifts for those I am buying for and possibly décor elements for the dinner table.  However, this year, my lists have stretched to include a “to do” list. Little DIY things that I would never normally entertain due to time constraints. Yet I find myself really wanting “to do” things like:  go to forest to collect pine cones; buy gold spray paint and loads of Washi Tape for gifts etc; collect glass bottles and Consol Glass containers.  And then the further list of what to do with this stuff.

Back to Washi Tape – I would love you to take some inspiration from the images as to how to go about the business of applying some festive Washi Tape to your Christmas décor.

If you afterwards you are also going to include some Washi Tape onto your shopping list, enjoy whatever it is you plan on doing with it.  And maybe share your images and ideas with us on our Facebook Page and via Twitter.  Would love to hear from you.

We here at The Design Tabloid would also like to wish all our readers and friends a Merry Christmas and a joyous festive season!

Our studio will be closed for business till the 20th of January 2013. The Design Tabloid will slow its pace a bit in terms of posts. Be sure to drop by every week to see what we have to say!

Have a good one, guys and gals! Till next year then!

Love, Rose & Marica x x x

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Consol Glass Christmas Inspiration

Last week the PR Company for Consol Glass published their very latest eBook. One such landed in my email. Well to coin one of my many favourite clichés – Oh my goodness gracious me! It is seriously loaded with a ton of very inspirational images and ideas.  Ideas that will have your heart pumping, your hands and feet itching to get going to make it your own. If you are anything like me – well – your brain will get so stimulated that it feels like information overload. They have taken from their range of Consol glass containers and presented gob-smacking images of fabulous stuff.

We could not help but to share it with our readers. In the spirit of Christmas, we have selected from the Festive Season chapter because again, if you are anything like me – still plenty to be done for Christmas.  I have to get my head around the whole Christmas gifts and décor stuff.  But, I have been inspired to use glass wherever possible. To quote Consol’s eBook – “allow the allure of glass to add style to your celebrations”.  Yip – that is what I am hoping to achieve with gifts, table décor, general décor and I might even get around to some of those tasty looking cocktails.

The few images we are sharing here are only there to whet your appetite for more. Check out the Christmas section (Chapter 6) of Consol’s eBook: here.

But please – don’t stop at that chapter. I would highly recommend that you nip over to view the entire eBook: here

P.S. – you will notice that talented local bloggers took part in the compilation of the eBook’s inspirational images, with credit  given to them at the bottom of each page as well as at the back of the book. Sadly, you will hopefully also notice that our blog is missing (says she sobbing away)! But there is a good reason for that – at the time the invitation came, we were deep in the throes of working towards a project deadline and could not tear ourselves away from it.  BUT – stayed tuned guys and dolls, because we here at The Design Tabloid have something up our sleeve for 2014 with Consol Glass products.

Washi Tape Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Just earlier this week Rose and I had a discussion about the heap of beautiful Christmas gift wrapping images we have seen on Pinterest this festive season. From dainty folds and big bows to lace, doilies, pompoms and gold polka dots… some exquisite gifts even featured tiny glittered reindeer. Absolutely amazing.

However the number one comment that kept popping up was how on earth did these people find the TIME to create these gift wrapped pieces of art?! Between cooking, and cleaning, and shopping, and running errands, and ALL the other tiny little things that makes Christmas the busiest time of the year, I’m lucky if I find time to quickly slap some cheapo cheesy grocery store wrapping paper on my family’s presents. It’s just going to get ripped off anyway, right? Well, that’s usually my argument for not putting any effort into it.

… sigh, but they look soooo pretty!

So, this year I’ll make an effort. I have some brown craft paper and washi tape (courtesy of Rose – thanks Rose!) lying around the house and I found a handful of cute ideas on the web. It not only looks quirky and beautiful but also super easy to put together….

A Fresh Take On Christmas Ornaments

I have to be honest, when it comes to Holiday celebrations and the like, I’m quite a traditional girl. My family’s Christmas arrangements are much the same every year, has been for decades really… very time-honoured. Not that I mind – I find it comforting, the familiar. It would probably not feel very much like Christmas if we didn’t do it our customary way.

I’m also quite  jealous of you lucky people who celebrate a White Christmas every year. Snow, mistletoe, eggnog, reindeer, sleigh-rides, red bows, silver bells and boughs of holly – all the things American TV and carols has told us Christmas should be. And here I am, sitting in front of a fan trying to escape the sweltering Cape Town summer! I’m craving a change – it must be the heat.

This year I want to break tradition – I want something fresh, something unique. I’m starting with the old Christmas decorations – no more shiny glass balls or tinsel and definitely no red, green and gold! I’m after something different. I did a quick Pinterest search for inspiration and found these examples of Christmas ornaments with a fresh contemporary twist. Have a quick look – I think they are pretty awesome! Some of them are DIYs so be sure to follow the links back to the original source for the “how to” instructions.

{Click on images to enlarge and view sources}

{So what do guys & gals think – cute hey?! Any of you also attempting a less traditional Christmas this year?}

South Africa’s Brightest Light – Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

With great sadness we say “hamba kahle” (go well) to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela our beloved Tata Madiba.

This morning while driving to lift a lovely lady, I first heard the news on radio that our dearly beloved Father of the Nation, Nelson Mandela had passed away last night. It is something that we as South Africa never really wanted to happen, despite the fact that we knew that the state of his health of late meant that it was eminent.

How do you say goodbye to someone such as Madiba – the brightest light to shine in South Africa, and the world. A man who will remain the icon of freedom, determination, peace, forgiveness, generosity and total greatness in humility. Nelson Mandela together with other liberation struggle heroes took on the giant of apartheid; was instrumental in its downfall and in doing so became a giant personality himself.

One of the comments on the radio came from Xhosa man being interviewed. He said that in the Xhosa tradition when a big wind blows, it signifies the passing of an elder. How apt is that comment, namely because the whole of yesterday, Cape Town experienced the power of a very, very strong south easterly wind, the likes of which we had not experienced for a while.

With his passing, we at Design Monarchy and The Design Tabloid, would like to say “Thank you Madiba, thank you. Thank you for being the hero that you are and for leading us as South Africans into the new era of The Rainbow Nation. In your life you brought freedom and reconciliation – thank you. You will forever remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.”
Our thoughts and our condolences go out to his vast family during this time of mourning. We wish them all the strength they will need in this phase. Particularly to the fine lady who has stood by his side these last years – Graça Machel. We like to say to them: remember it is indeed an honour to bear his name and to carry his legacy forward. Do him proud and do it well.

To all South Africans, together with you we say: Viva Nelson Mandela, Viva. Long Live his Legacy!

{Image: Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory}

Jazz Up Your Drawers

Why spend a fortune on custom made furniture when it’s so easy to personalise what you already have? In this clever DIY video, Tara from Better Homes and Gardens, illustrates  how easy it can be to transform a tired old chest of drawers into a mirrored Shabby Chic statement piece that will add that touch of glam to you space. Later on in the clip she also shows how, with just a lick of paint and some chevron patterns, you can contemporise a cheap pine dresser into something super trendy.