A Women’s Day Indulgence

With tomorrow being Women’s Day, we wanted to do a special post on all the lovely things you can do to celebrate this special day. I took to the internet to see what some of our friends and fellow bloggers are planning tomorrow. However, it was quite disconcerting to find little mention of Women’s Day and few had any exciting activities planned. I saw a good couple of status updates that stated tomorrow will be spent “sleeping in” and “watching TV”  and even one that read “catching up on the week’s chores”!

No-no ladies, Women’s Day should not be treated like just any other day. Look at it this way – Government thinks women important enough to dedicate this public holiday to us and to commemorate how women have fought for South African equality. Should we not then take this time to celebrate ourselves?

Now, I have never been one to frequently spoil or pamper myself. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I don’t want to or think such activities frivolous… but it seems time and budget rarely allows for such indulgences. However, for Women’s Day I’ll make an exception and I challenge you to not let Women’s Day go by ignored. Find a way to treat yourself – get a massage, buy yourself that handbag, eat a slice of cheesecake.

If like me you find it hard to spend money on yourself or by yourself – have a girls day! Invite your girlfriends (or other women in your life – be it a daughter, sister or mother), to partake in your pamper day. Something like High Tea is a fun and classy activity – a trip to the Mount Nelson Hotel tea room is not something you will soon forget. Or indulge in a bit of fine dining – this is something I delight in every so often. I usually invite good friends who share my love of cuisine – we spend the night chatting away, laughing, drinking good wine, and of course tasting and discussing each others food choices. In short, it’s my idea of bliss. Here are 5 rules I like to follow to ensure I have a memorable dining experience:

>  Go some place new.

>  Go some place beautiful.

>  Eat something you’ve never tried before.

>  Dress to kill.

>  Order champagne or girlie cocktails.

… take pictures.

Now, speaking of some place new and beautiful, I have been dying to visit the Hout Bay Manor restaurant, Pure. With its rustic driftwood dividers and dramatic chandeliers one can see just as much thought went into the stunning interiors as there went into the more-ish menu. By the way… they too have decadent High Tea served either in the restaurant or Manor’s colourful lounge! Check out the awesome images below…

{ So, what are you planning for Women’s Day? }


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