A Blogging Journey To Becoming You…

We chatted with Kathryn Rossiter, local lass and mommy blogger behind the lifestyle blog, Becoming you. I met Kathryn at a recent do hosted by Good Housekeeping Magazine and was both intrigued and impressed with not only her, but also her successful blog which features a wide range of inspirational topics from beauty, fashion, and décor, to family, motherhood and blogging.

Q:  Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, what makes you tick?

My name is Kathryn and I live in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. My primary role is as mom to 2 cute kids – a boy of 6 and a girl of 3. I also juggle a couple of part-time work roles such as Blogger, Social Media Writer and Media Liaison.

Q:  Tell us about Becoming You…

Becoming you is a women’s lifestyle blog. The name Becoming you reflects a journey of discovering who I am (or you are) and is also a play on the word “becoming” as an adjective which means attractive, lovely, pretty, handsome, fetching; stylish, elegant, chic, fashionable, tasteful.

Q:  Where did it all start, why blogging?

I started 2 years ago when I realised that as a mom of 2 kids I had forgotten what it was that I enjoyed and what MY interests were, aside from my kids. I started reading loads of blog and really enjoyed taking this time out for me! Obviously this then progressed to me having the crazy notion that I could start my own blog! Becoming you started as a space for me to document what I enjoyed and when I noticed that many other women also struggled with taking time for themselves I decided to use my platform to encourage them to stop neglecting themselves and to rediscover who they were: to become more of themselves.

Becoming You

Q:  What do you enjoy most about your blog?

I adore getting positive comments and feedback from moms or women who have discovered Becoming you and through it a bit more of themselves. That makes it all worthwhile! Another one of the benefits of blogging for me has been meeting so many amazing people, especially other bloggers. I have loved getting to know bloggers via reading their blogs and then bumping into them at a launch or event. I am fortunate that my blog crosses over quite a few subjects which means I have befriended beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and mommy bloggers in Cape Town and really enjoy chatting to all of them and learning from each conversation I have. Also the free review goodies and fab events are nice too! 😉

Q:  What is your long-term vision / goal for Becoming You?

My blog has grown amazingly over the past 2 years into an inspirational online space for women featuring articles across many topics including beauty, fashion, travel, interiors, photography, motherhood, celebrities, product reviews, interviews and competitions, all of which are aimed at encouraging women to take some time to remember what it was that made them unique and gave them joy (aside from their kids!) My long term vision is for Becoming you to recognised as a credible source of information and encouragement for women across South Africa. I’ve always dreamt of working at a magazine, so turning Becoming you into an online & print magazine similar to Sweet Paul would be amazing!

Q:  What inspires you?

I would love to say I get inspired by my exotic travels around the world but alas that is not my current situation! (hopefully it will be one day) In the meantime I find inspiration in my current surroundings. It is everywhere if you only know HOW to look at the world. A primary source for me is reading everything I can – be it in print or online.  I have always been a huge fan of magazines and since I was 16 my dream job was to be a Magazine Editor. As I am now the editor of Becoming you I feel fortunate to have a bit of glimpse into that world!

Q:  Could you share your Secret Indulgence with us?

Oooh definitely Lindt dark chocolate – any flavour but I’m partial to orange 😉 Other luxuries I enjoy are beauty treatments, lounging in the sun reading a magazine and sushi…

Q:  What is your favourite current décor trend?

Right now I’m loving painted wooden furniture – although I’m not sure if that is a trend or horribly outdated. I recently enlisted the help of a friend to give me some décor tips and we decided to paint all my “orange” wooden furniture white, and a little desk a pretty duck-egg blue, I’m loving how it’s brightened up my home and I think it’s working well in my home décor but I wouldn’t take my word for it as a trend.

Q:  Tell us five things on your Bucket List…

I wrote a bucket list about 18 months ago which makes for interesting reading now but if I was to pick 5 things for a updated Bucket List they would mainly be all travel experiences as this is one area of my life that is severely lacking at the moment…

1. Travel overseas with my kids – Disney World or Mauritius would be awesome for them and us because of the amazing kids entertainment offered but I would also love to take them somewhere like Thailand and introduce them to the wonders of a different culture.

2. New York, New York and then a cross country road trip on Route 66.

3. Visit Provence and the South of France – for a self-professed francophile this is another “must see”

4. Spend a month (or more) sailing around the Greek Islands

5. Do a Biblical History Tour

And just for good measure

6. See the Northern Lights….

{You can follow Kathryn on her blog, Becoming you, or find her on Facebook and Twitter!}


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