Pinterest Addiction

My favourite part of each working day is early morning just after I arrive at the studio. This is time we usually set aside for general admin, you know, answering mails, doing a little bit of social media maintenance, and *drum roll please* – PINTEREST! I pretty much think it’s the best thing since sliced bread – gorgeous inspiration just a couple clicks away.

Pinterest has even changed the way Rose and I go about things here at the office. We use to have folders upon folders of images clogging up our work computers – finding a specific image in our library, as we called it, was a tedious task. Now, after discovering the joys of Pinterest, we have tossed the library out the window and use our Pinterest boards to organise our images, inspiration, and thoughts.

We have found it to be an invaluable tool when blogging – it constantly keeps your finger on the design pulse. After submerging yourself in décor & design from across the globe everyday, it is also quite easy to pick up what is trending or what will soon be trending.

My closing argument – yes, I  am trying to convert you to my way of life – if you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, why bloody not?! It is an endless resource of delicious recipes, beautiful interiors, interesting DIY projects, beauty & fashion inspiration, and so much more. And whilst you’re there, be sure to follow our boards – we pin awesome stuff every day and we would really love to further fuel your design addiction. See our boards: here.

I’ve included a bunch of images to this post that are currently pinned on our various Pinterest boards – just to get you all fired up…

{Please click on images to enlarge & start the slide show}

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