Design Indaba 2013 Awesomeness

By Marica

Okay, so I know you guys and gals are just dying for some Design Indaba Expo feedback! As both Rose and I had to juggle the Design Indaba Conference, Expo, and our day job, I did the Expo circuit in a new personal best of two hours! Let me tell you something… you can only say “wow” and “that’s beautiful” so many times in the span of two hours before you head explodes at the sheer awesomeness.

The Emerging Creatives, for instance, where so super dooper talented this year that Rose and I agreed that to write one summary post for them all just won’t cut it. So in the months to come we hope to feature our favourites individually and that way keep the spirit of Design Indaba burning a little longer. But, in the meantime, here are some things I oohed and ahhed about at the Design Indaba Expo 2013…

{click to enlarge}

I thought the fashion section was especially well planned this year, particularly the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC) exhibit – don’t you just love the gold coat hanger chandeliers!

ARTYMISS:  I absolutely adored the Artymiss stand… and so did everybody else – that stand was B.U.S.Y. It’s not surprising though as you could not help but notice the beautifully backlit stand from a distance. Artymiss specialises in most extraordinary whimsical laser-cut paper artwork and stationery – her attention to detail is amazing.

Another ingenious addition to the Expo this year was the food truck convoy which stood amidst strings of twinkly lights. Gourmet street food anyone – YES PLEASE!

IKHAYA:  Have you very stumbled across a shop where you just want to say: “I’ll take it ALL thank you! Ring it up while I get my credit card” Well, that’s how I felt when is saw the iKhaya stand. From the adorable chest of drawers and little cabinets, to the whimsy wood and ceramic figurines and awesome pendant lights… I want it ALL!

20EIGHT:  Okay so I’m a total sucker for gorgeous lighting and the Expo was dripping with abundance of beautiful lighting designs. One of my favourites: a gorgeous geometric pendant light made from lightweight concrete designed by 20Eight – they use the same concrete to make amazing jewellery and funky geometric serveware.

MAKERS OF STUFF:  Then there was the Makers of Stuff (MOS) stand – a whole wall filled with beautiful pendants lights and chandeliers. It became an unintended “photo booth” as one can not walk past the amazing display without asking someone to snap a picture of you striking a pose in front of it!

NINA DU PLESSIS:  I also loved the trendy wall-hung geo pendant lights and gorgeous wooden wall hooks they were hung from designed by interior designer Nina du Plessis. I never had the chance to ask Nina what the lights are made, but I’m assuming it’s some kind of concrete or earthenware.

HALDANE MARTIN:  Lastly, I found the “evolution” of the Haldane Martin Source Chair quite interesting – I’m absolutely loving the newest addition, the Source Upholstered Chair with those stunning wooden legs!

{So who attended the Expo? Buy anything? Tell us about your favourites!}


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