Chappies Edible Street Art

Rose and I just stumbled across these amazingly creative clips uploaded by Chappies, South Africa’s most iconic bubblegum! In January of this year Chappies, with the help of some talented creatives, created six edible street art installations all around South Africa – starting at Woodstock train station, Cape Town on the 15th and ending in Greenside, Joburg on the 21st. Each of the six installations depicted a winning fact submitted by South Africans. Rose and I could not help recollecting some fond childhood memories of many sunny days spent with mouthfuls of Chappies and filling our brains with tons of “Did You Know?” facts.

Do yourself a favour and go watch the other four installations clips: here. I absolutely LOVE these clips!


2 thoughts on “Chappies Edible Street Art

  1. […] The Design Tabloid shared this video today about the Chappies “Edible art”  campaign. If Marica from Design Monarchy won’t mind me quoting her on this: “(Chappies is) South Africa’s most iconic bubblegum”. I got a little lump in my throat as I watched it. It may have been the dreamspirational music, but methinks it was that creatives got together to give something beautiful to the community. I love love LOVE when creativity is used to serve. To fill people with wonder. More than it makes us proud to live in this beautiful country. It gives us hope. […]

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