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Hello there 2013!

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And we’re BACK! How are all you beautiful people doing? Had a good festive season break? We sure did, in fact sitting here in front of the computer feels quite surreal…

Now even though Rose and I had a whole list of beautiful things and inspirational festive season posts we wanted to share with you before the conclusion of last year – design work intervened. Please excuse us for dropping off the face of the earth without so much as a “Merry Christmas“…

You see, we spent the last two work weeks of 2012 sprinting around Cape Town sourcing furniture and décor for an upmarket show flat and assisting another client with final selections. Let me tell you a little secret… shopping is hard work – we still have sore feet! However, once you get past the nitty-gritty logistics, dressing and styling an interior is huge fun – Rose, of course, was in her element!

So here we are – greeting you and the new year! Boy, I sure am glad the Mayans got it wrong cause 2013 is going to be a good one! Join us as we celebrate our continued existence and another year filled with excellent South African design!


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