Various Skull Decor by Sobeit Studio

Trend Alert: Skulls

We have seen the skull trend pick up steam in the last year or two. Now, this trend is an acquired taste and not for the faint of heart… some might find it a tad creepy, but there is something mysterious and fascinatingly pretty about these skulls. Here is some of our favourite local skull designs – I especially like the vintage-looking ones…
Skull Cushion by Number 19

Love this kick-ass pipe-smoking vintage skull scatter cushion by Number 19. The design is called “Handsome Portrait” and it’s silkscreened onto an off-white linen cushion cover. The same design has also been used as a limited edition print – silkscreened onto old book paper. Both these are available online through Hello Pretty.Various Skull Decor by Sobeit Studio

Sobeit Studio is skull décor Promised Land – in fact, the have a whole range called, The Skullery! They have an awesome collection of skull candles in various colours – just imagine how super cool it must look when the heat of the flame starts melting the skull… Or how about adding a touch of glam with those metallized skulls, available in copper, gold & chrome – it looks totally gangster!Mrs Ples Fabric by Design Team

The Mrs Ples fabric design forms part of Design Team‘s brand spanking new collection called, African Archive. The design features awesome anatomy sketches that look as if they just fell out of the pages of a vintage medical journal.
Carved Timber Skulls by Bronze Age Art

Carved out of Jakaranda wood by Friday Jibu, the amount of work that went in these carved timber animal skulls is just amazing! The skulls are available from Bronze Age art gallery in the Foundry.
Hand Embroidered Skulls by Calavera

We have featured the magical work of Nicola de Jager of Calavera before and every time I totally stumped by the magnificent attention to detail (seriously, images don’t do it justice, you have to see it in the flesh). She hand embroiders every Dia de los Muertos skull (or Calavera as they are also known) by hand. Breath-taking.Skull Light Boxes by Colwyn Thomas

Check out these super cool skull light boxes by talented Durban illustrator, Colwyn Thomas. The light-emitting skulls are cleverly made-up out of a tangle of either butterflies, koi fish or doves.


4 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Skulls

    • I must say that I have to agree – these designs are so awesome. What creativity and out of the box thinking, when you look at that embroidery work and then the ingenious way in which little creatures such as koi fish, butterflies and doves have been applied into the skull illustration. Mind blowing indeed.
      BTW – John – I did pick up on the skull lamp you sent – also so different.

  1. […] “Remember the article we wrote two years ago regarding the unusual skull décor trend? Well it has blasted full steam ahead and it’s no secret that we here at The Tabloid think it’s pretty cool! We recently chatted to artist Marika Gregory of Shongololo Studio who is taking this interesting trend to a whole new level. She uses animal skulls as her canvas – painting colourful, intricate patterns and designs on them…” […]

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