Beautiful Framed Tea Towels

Quick Tip #17: Tea Towel Décor

Beautiful Framed Tea Towels
John Jones London framed 9 gorgeous limited edition tea towels for an article featured in Livingetc. Magazine.
Tea Towels as Tablecloths or Runners
LEFT: Martha Stewart’s crafts editor Blake Ramsey came up with the idea of sewing tea towels together to make table runners. RIGHT: A gorgeous stripy patchwork tablecloth made from tea towels via HousetoHome.

Yesterday’s post on terrific South African designer tea towels just made me realise that some tea towels are just too beautiful to dry dishes with. It would be an utter design sin to subject these lovelies to the wear-and-tear associated with household cleaning and entertaining… and I’m sure the same is true for pretty napkins! So today’s Décor Quick Tip aims to illustrate how you can preserve those handsome tea towels…

#17   Turn too-beautiful-to-use tea towels into quirky yet affordable works of art by having them framed. If you have basic needle-and-thread skills, you can also sew pretty tea towels together to transform them into playful, one-of-a-kind tablecloths or runners.

[Image sources: 12 & 3]
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4 thoughts on “Quick Tip #17: Tea Towel Décor

  1. FYI – Roger Banks-Pye of Colefax & Fowler made the Kitchen curtains for his place from a collection of blue and white teatowels many years ago. It is featured in the Colefax & Fowler book.

  2. O Rose, I love all these ideas. Some tea towels are really just too gorgeous for washing, wiping and drying., And this way you get unique, one of a kind art and tablecloths. I am definitely trying some of these ideas.

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