Decorating Quick Tip | Vintage Tin Turned Candle

Quick Tip #16: Practical Pretty Tins

 If your house is anything like mine, somewhere in your kitchen you’ll find a small collection of vintage tins – gathering dust. Over the years my mom and gran collected a good few tea, biscuit and flour tins – it was quite fashionable a few decades ago to put the empty tins on display. Now, vintage tins are once again a desirable commodity. However, instead of just using them for display give them a practical function…

#16  Repurpose pretty and vintage tea and flour tins by using them as gorgeous herb or flower planters. Small sweet tins can also be converted into beautiful candle holders. One can also give pretty spice or sweet tins a second life by turning them into refrigerator magnets. Just slip a strong magnet inside the tin and voilà – stunning fridge storage.

See the Step-by-Step Tutorials:

  1.  DIY Tea Tin Herbs: here
  2.  DIY: How to Turn Vintage Tins Into Fridge Magnets: here
  3.  DIY Tea Tin Candle: here

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