NEST – Gorgeous Children’s Furniture To Drool Over

By Marica

I adore kiddies furniture! When working with children’s design & décor one has a freedom to play with bold colour and themes. It’s a rare opportunity for us grown-ups to do a bit of carefree playing in our mundane 9-to-5 adult world. In a child room you can be anything, be anywhere – an astronaut in space, a princess in her castle, or a cowboy in the Wild West. And even though I don’t have any kiddies of my own (yet), I have already designed their rooms in my head.

I few years back we were approached by a client who wanted us design a children’s wing (yeah, you heard me – WING) for their gorgeous young boy and girl. Rose and I have never had so much fun – such a memorable project! However, back then we realised how difficult it is to find cute and quirky, yet stylish and well-made kids furniture. For that particular project we ended up designing the furniture ourself and having it custom-made.

Since then when have luckily stumbled across NEST – an awesome company specialising in gorgeous children’s furniture and décor accessories. Their designs contain the must-have playful cuteness-factor without being cheesy (something we often find in children’s furniture).

Founded in 2009 by Belinda McCall and Vanessa Gibson, their vision was to give South Africa’s families fresh, functional and contemporary ways to furnish their homes. So they started with the kids, and created ground-breaking ranges of furniture and storage solutions for the nursery and beyond. Their guiding philosophy is based on four indispensable principles: exclusivity, innovation, functionality and great quality.

“At NEST we believe children can flourish without forsaking the style of the family home. As well as being useful for kids our products are always sturdy, stylish, imaginative and practical. Our ultimate goal is to bring style and order to the family home by offering a range of exceptional products that are also exclusive.”

They have also recently added some stunning study and storage solutions that work in kids and adult space alike. Love the trestle desks!

Check out the NEST website or Facebook page for more drool-worthy kiddies furniture and décor.

[Images via NEST]

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