My Gallery Wall Cornerstone & PRINT WILD GIVE-AWAY!

I have recently been toying with the idea of creating a beautiful gallery wall in my entrance hall – a framed photo collection of my family and loved ones to greet all guests who enter my home.

My eldest daughter, Kelly and her precious family live abroad in Finland. Fortunately, for my hubby and me, she likes to escape their harsh winter and like a bird migrates with her kids down South, back to sun, mama and papa.

A few years ago, during one such a vacation and  just before Claire, my youngest daughter and her family re-located to the Eastern Cape haven of St. Francis Bay, we decided that it was time to have those long outstanding professional family photos taken.

My gorgeous framed family photo that I received from printWild earlier this week! It’s big and beautiful – the perfect start to my gallery wall!

The images were awesome and there was one particular photo that I have been dying to have framed – it was going to be the big focal photo of my gallery wall. However, it had to be a special framing job as the image is a long rectangular one.

I stumbled across printWild (interesting name), a Durban-based online print / framing company. Since they promised to have my framed image with me within 7 – 9 days, I decided to go for this online purchase – something I have never done before.

When I tell you that the process was painlessly quick, I am not joking. The only time consuming part of the exercise was the time I had to take to decide upon the product. The actual ordering process – well if it took more than two minutes that was a lot.

Initially having to select from their vast range of products was a little daunting for me as they supply anything from canvas prints to custom printed wallpaper. However, as I explored their site, I found that they have supported their written product descriptions with videos. Being a very visual person (not a manual reader) this worked so well for me.

I made my choice – something they call a ‘contemporary white frame’ and selected my size, with a few special instructions of what I envisaged for this rectangular image.

The service was superb to say the least, because exactly 7 days after the order was placed, Father Xmas in July had sent his little Elf called Courier to my front door. I was so excited when I eventually managed to tear all the packaging material off to discover my wonderful family image staring back at me. The quality of the image and the frame – magic.

Now all that remains is for hubby to mount that on the designated wall and for all the visitors to coo over that stunning framed photo.

I gave printWild my positive feedback and mentioned that I intended to blog about it. Wait for it – there could be a Xmas in July for some lucky reader as well. They have offered us an R500.00 voucher to be redeemed against any online purchase from their site. Which means… GIVE AWAY TIME!

To enter and stand a chance WIN you must:

1) Comment on this post below by telling us who you are and what you would print / frame should you win the voucher (check out the printWild’s website to view all their awesome products)!

2) “Like” our Facebook page: here   AND   the printWild Facebook page: here

… additionally if you have Twitter you can also do the following…

Tweet this post and include @streaksahead @printwild (by the way…are you following us and printWild yet?)

Unfortunately only people residing in South Africa are eligible for this competition. We will announce the lucky winner on Monday, 6 August 2012 – so be sure to enter before then.


47 thoughts on “My Gallery Wall Cornerstone & PRINT WILD GIVE-AWAY!

  1. I commissioned an art piece from my beloved mother who created an ink print of a profile of my partner’s face. I have yet to frame it, and would love to be able to hang it up soon!

    • thanks – I have waited years to get this going. Something I have always wanted to put up on the wall. The exciting thing is that now I am well and truly motivated to get the rest of the images framed for the gallery to grow.

  2. I am already a fan of PrintWild facebook page 🙂 and new fan here! Im getting married in March and would love nothing more than having a mounted photo print of one of our wedding pics 🙂 think a canvas in your house finishes it and can make a room! Would love to have one of my own

  3. I have been in my “new” home for five years already and am embarrassed to admit I haven’t put up a single photo yet. A photographer friend has taken some amazing photos of my son, and I would love to put those up in a professional way.

  4. My mom is visiting from overseas in october, this will be her first visit in 3 years! I would print a photo of her with our 2 sons who she has yet to meet!

    • Ai shame, we have a similar situation in our family – it’s terrible when gran lives far away! I hope your mom has a lovely visit with lots of awesome granny-bonding moments. Enjoy it Paula! Good luck with the give-away…

  5. Such an amazing prize.I would love to print a family photo for our living room.It would be so special as we do not have one yet.Something unexpected for my precious family to treasure for a lifetime

  6. My hubby and I got married earlier this year and it was a tad odd being on the other end of a camera (I am a photographer). Truth be told, we have not printed/ made a coffee table book or anything of our wedding pics yet… You know the saying about a Doctor having sick kids, a dentist having bad teeth, a photographer having few/ no photos on the wall….so it would bring me great pleasure to have an image of us in a stunning Contemporary White Frame (they are fresh and stylish looking) on one of our very colourful walls in our home for all to see. So yes…pick me please!

    • Congrats on the nuptials Lauren! I have heard that saying, yes – sadly the same is true about this interior designer – my own house is also last on my priority list! Good luck with the give-away draw!

  7. My best friend of 50years and myself have just come back from a fantastic holiday in Turkey and Dubai so I would use the frame for one of the many beautiful sites of Turkey. We both had had a bad year last year. I had lost my life partner, my soul mate of 20yrs to cancer. So this would hold wonderful fun filled memories for me having this beautiful frame in my home as a new beginning. I love taking photos and have many to still frame.

    • Having a friend for 50 years is exceptional indeed. Admirable in fact. Being able to share such a unique trip/experience with such a close friend as part of your recovery, is even more awesome. You attitude of this being a new beginning for you speaks volumes about the fact that, despite your deep loss experience, you are looking forward to more of life. We wish you well with your life’s journey and more memorable trips with your friend of 50 years. Good luck with the competition.

  8. Lovely Picture Rose! I am a passionate, but amateur photographer and I would absolutely love to frame one of my pictures. Having your own creation printed and professionally framed must be incredibly exciting and rewarding!

    • Thanks Sally! I have to agree, it’s quite satisfying to have your own creations on display – we do the same with our completed design projects – perfect for a little bit of modest bragging…

  9. I’ve been renting a loft for the past 2 years which initially was used as an office. The one wall has a large recessed area where the owner’s daughter painted an “80’s inspired” abstract painting which I’ve covered with a piece of cardboard. This desperately clashes with my 1940’s Manhattan loft inspired decor. I’ve been an avid follower of Print Wild but haven’t yet got around to commissioning a canvas. I would love to either have a botanical photograph or one of my many photos I took in April (on my first trip to the States) blown up to camouflage this blight on my wall.

  10. I am planning a ‘girls’ trip to the bushveld for my extraordinary gran with my mum and aunt. I would love to capture this rare occasion in a photo to give to my gran as a memento of this special trip.

  11. My daughter got married on the 9th of June at Tala Game Reserve and I promised them a A1 Framed print. I am thinking of the Ballyhoo frame… I also going to do some canvas prints and a Acrylic print for a Wedding Expo at Emerald Casino on the 8th and 9th of October this year.

  12. I want to frame a pair of South American Glasswing Butterflies that i took a picture of…. if not that a lone mountain flower on the way up to the top of the Drakensberg….

  13. Hi everyone – Rose here. Just popping in to say that I am loving all the comments. More particularly hearing these personal touches from all of our readers is just so heartwarming. Thank you for taking the time to share and keep it up guys, because we are thrilled with the opportunity of forming a community.

  14. Hey Rose, I really love that pic of u and your family its simple yet so beautiful. It shows so much of love and happiness:), which is really sweet. I would really like to create a moment like that with my hubby and son, since his birth last year his brought so much happiness and joy to my life, every moment with him is so precious, this is a way of preserving these unforgettable moments, his grown so fast in a blink of an eye. I want the world to see how much happiness his brought into our lives. I want to always remember how perfect he is God’s little blessing:). If i could i would capture every moment with him there is no joy like being granted a lil life.

    • Hey Yaar! Ja, the little ones grow up so fast! Rose & I are so happy that you were blessed with this little fellow! May he bring you buckets of joy & truly enrich your life! Good luck with the competition! x x x x

  15. I have moved to new place and have a lot of nails sticking out from the walls, so it would be a great opportunity to get something to hang over them 😉 hehehe…

  16. I was already a fan of the Design Tabloid and have liked the Print Wild page. I have been playing with the idea of drawing or painting a dandelion (to symbolise wishes coming true)…I would have this framed and hung in my massage/spare room.

    • Wow – I had no idea that a Dandelion was symbolic for wishes coming true. Live and learn, but thinking about it makes perfect sense now. I would encourage you to frame that Dandelion whether you win the prize or not. It sounds like a fabulous idea. Best of luck with the competition.

  17. I have lots of photographs that I love, but sadly have not displayed many of them in my home. My husband and I are about to renovate our bedroom and I would love to have a Print Wild image above our bed as the main feature in our room. My husband and I have had a very stressful year so I would definitely select one of our calming holidays photographs to take this prominent position.

    • Seems you and I are members of the same club – the “lots of photos to be framed club.” The framed image of my family has got me out of the starters blocks, since I now find myself inspired to move forward with getting the rest of the images up on our gallery wall. I would say – go ahead and frame that image that you intend to frame, whether it is by way of the prize or not. Look upon it as a reward to the both of you for being able to endure and pull through the stressful times. All the very best with the competition and your future. Happy framing!

  18. I would definately print a photo from our engagement breakfast we had, or even one of the photos where we look very much in love. We have been talking about printing a few for ages and even if I don’t win, this inspired me to start making work of it. We don’t own one single photograph of us which has been printed! Shocking! 🙂

    • Hey Cherie – having been spurred on by my own framed family portrait, I find that I want to encourage everyone ‘ JUST DO IT” ! And as you say, regardless of whether you win the prize or not. It is so satisfying to have that portrait up on the wall.

  19. I’m probably the most amateur decor and design enthusiast….. which has delayed the big plans I had to decorate my not-so-new home (living in it for 2 years already!). Anyway, my good intentions led me to discover the world of blogging and to my surprise the useful tips hints and unbeliveable amount of decor ideas one could do with not much cash or talent, for that matter. My inner creativity has certainly been stirred and this new desire to attempt some DIY decor. Your blog is great! Thanks so much for sharing it!
    I will certainly frame some wedding pictures which I have in a box for the last 7 years and put it onto my first home project which will be a wall of frames!

    • Oh My Gosh! it is such a pleasure meeting a “newbie” decor and design enthusiast. ( so to speak) Keep it up and glad we can be a part of your journey of discovery. Sharing our knowledge and experience, and even just our enthusiasm is such a pleasure for us. Thanks for the fabulous comment. As I have mentioned to the others – in terms of your framing – JUST DO IT. Having this Print Wild Online facility makes it a total pleasure!

  20. love the family pic considering i am in it!! he he.. i would love to enter so i can my family pic framed too!!

  21. Oooh! Me an artist, me LOVE frames!
    I would frame one of the incredible photo’s my husband has taken and give it to him as a birthday gift in October.
    Then I’d also want to frame a whole collection for a feature wall in our new house.

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