What’s the difference between modern and contemporary decorating? Part 1

Part one of two excellent articles written by Lindsay form Urban Domesticity. In the articles she chats in detail about the difference between contemporary & modern. It is one of the best explanation on this subject I have ever read. It’s extremely well written and a superb read – be sure not to miss it.

Urban Domesticity

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This question was posed on a decorating message board I participate in:

What’s the difference between modern and contemporary decorating?

It generated some interesting responses, so I decided I’d share my thoughts in-depth here.

The descriptive terms modern and contemporary are often used interchangeably, but the definitions of each are actually distinct. This can cause some confusion when people want to define their style or search for furniture or other household items. Today, I’ll define modern design and tomorrow I’ll tackle the term contemporary.

In the realm of interior decorating and design, modern refers to a style of architecture and furniture that emerged in the mid-century…

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