Keeping it Eco-Friendly with Eco Effect

A company called Eco Effect recently caught my eye. They’re an innovative and environmentally-friendly creative solutions company specialising in eco-friendly flat-pack furniture and shop fitting. They work hand-in-hand with designers, architects, companies and retail shops to design and manufacture anything from custom shop fittings to interactive visual merchandising.

Their material of choice is something called “eco-board” – an environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard that is strong, lightweight and 100% recyclable. It’s even water & fire resistant and they make several products out of it.

One of these products, the Eco Shelf, is a flat-pack, sturdy and strong shelf unit. It weighs less than 5kg but can hold up to an impressive 75kg. It is quick and easy to assemble – just pop it up and slot it in. No tools or glue required.

One more cool thing about the shelves is that it can be personalised – especially handy if you are in the merchandizing industry. So you can have your branding or something cool and quirky printed on it to fit your interior. And you guessed it – even the print is eco-friendly! It’s made with environmentally friendly ink which is VOC-free.

Another funky flat-pack design is the Armadillo Lampshade – seriously cool looking. They also do custom eco-friendly wallpaper and printing unto canvas, glass and Perspex.

Cool stuff! I do hope they are going to expand their furniture & lighting range – I really think flat-pack designs are the way of the future…

Check out Eco Effect’s website: here

Images via Eco Effect

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