Have You Entered Yet?

I love Lucy wall decal!

Hey peeps, just a quick reminder that there is only 5 days left to enter our awesome CrazySexyCool wall decal give-away! So if you want to stand a chance to win that super dooper R300 wall decal voucher be sure to enter before Monday the 11th of June!

To enter click: HERE and follow the easy instructions at the bottom of the post!


2 thoughts on “Have You Entered Yet?

  1. Oh – Leila don’t let that stop you – please. Enter the competition nonetheless and just keep the voucher to be redeemed at a later date.( if you should win it). Your range of fun designs is so suited to something like this. You could even use it to have a decal made of your company logo to pop above your desk. As they say in the classics – Whatever…… You go girl – go.

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