CrazySexyCool Wall Decals & GIVE AWAY!!

This is crazy… I set out to write about how to give your walls ‘the treatment’ using trendy graphic wallpaper and vinyl wall decals, thinking that I would make one post of it. But as I went along researching all the different styles and suppliers of said wall treatment, my only reaction was to say, in the words of Randy from American Idols, “Yo Dude!!” There is too much to fit into one article.

Okay so that has me looking at the trend that seems to have gained considerable momentum in recent times – Vinyl Wall Stickers, also know as Vinyl Wall Decals.

We had occasion in the past to have a decal custom made for one of our clients – it was a funky office space. Other than being a relatively inexpensive means of applying art to a wall, it is an extremely easy application as well. Plus the other bonus factor is that you have any image or typography made to order… As the larney folk will say… Bespoke! Particularly fab for application in babies and kiddies rooms.

A few months ago, a very proactive young lady named Chantelle from CrazySexyCool a Gauteng based Wall Decal business approached us to feature her work. Since wall treatments was on the ‘to do list’ her timing was great.

After Chantelle graduated and got a few letters behind her name, she went on to work in the field of marketing. That led her to dabbling in web design, but also had her longing for more tactile design. In January 2011 she launched her Wall Decal business and in her words “she has not looked back since”.

On the homepage of her website, Chantelle has so adequately opened up the concept of Wall decals. I decided I could not better that…

Decals what?

Wall Decals (or wall vinyl stickers) are a fun way to transform any room from blank and boring to stylish and unique.The vinyl used for the stickers are made from high quality vinyl and are available in many different colours, even fluorescents and metallic.

Stickers where?

Stickers are applied relatively quickly and are very easy to change. Stickers can be stuck on any smooth surface, such as; smooth walls, windows, doors, glass, floors, etc. Wall Decals can be used in offices, shops, on shop windows, homes and even rental homes as it does not damage painted walls.

Vinyl why?

Vinyl stickers for walls are expressions of individual personality and style. When installing there is no mess, as with painting, but the decals can create an illusion of a painted-on design when especially using matt decals. You do not have to have artistic skills or be a state-of-the-art home decorator to turn your plain living space into wonderful one using wall decals.

Just like how easy it is to apply, vinyl wall decals are just as easy to remove without ruining the surface of the wall.

But whoa good news – because these decals / stickers are so reasonably priced, they could make excellent gifts, for that special person or special occasion. Even a wedding gift if you know the person’s taste and style well enough.

More good news! We have an AWESOME R300 GIFT VOUCHER from CRAZYSEXYCOOL TO GIVE AWAY to one lucky participant!

You heard right, Chantelle is giving away a gift voucher to the value of R300 to be redeemed against a Wall Decal purchase of your choice from her online shop.

Here is how it works >>>>>

To enter and stand a chance WIN you must:

1) Comment on this post below by telling us who you are, what your wall decal of choice would be, and where you will put it (check out the CrazySexyCool websitr to view all the awesome designs)!

2) “Like” our Facebook page: here   AND   the CrazySexyCool Facebook page: here

… additionally if you have Twitter you can also do the following…

Tweet this post and include @streaksahead @CrazySexyCoolSA (by the way…are you following us and CrazySexyCool yet?)

Unfortunately only people residing in South Africa are eligible for this competition. We will announce the lucky winner on Monday, 11 June 2012 – so be sure to enter before then.


28 thoughts on “CrazySexyCool Wall Decals & GIVE AWAY!!

  1. I have been looking for something to put on the big blank space of wall behind my couch. I have been considering wall art and on seeing the paper planes have decided that is what I want! I have a modern but quirky 1 bed flat so putting something beautiful and different on the wall is exactly what I need!

    • HI Kate, It is so great that you found a decor option that will work for you! All the best with the competition 🙂

  2. I made a pretty cool sketchy drawing on our wedding invitation cards and site. I think it perfectly identifies with who my wife and I are together. I think it, or a variation thereof would look amazing in our bedroom, which is currently completely bland and boring.

    • HI Adrian. That sounds awesome! 🙂 I would love to see the sketchy drawing. Good Luck with the competition!

  3. I’m Ryan, and I’m highly passionate about design and using design to change, shape and help the ever threatened environment we are living in today, I think in order to be original and creative one needs to surround themselves with things that have an impact on them (daily), the best place is in the household/bedroom etc. These CrazySexyCool wall decals do just that. The “Be Creative…” text is so inspirational and motivational, its something that I can look at everyday and learn something new each time I read it, I would put it in front of my bed so I can read it when I go to sleep and when I wake up everyday!

    • Hi Ryan! Glad you like the “Be Creative” decal! Good Luck with the competition 🙂 !

  4. Hi, I am Bianca – I am interested in the Decal for a project my husband is running in Philippi. It is called FoodPods, a concept which empowers Entrepreneurs in townships by providing them with a small business and food security at the same time. At the moment he is revamping an office space in Phillipi and needs to beautify the space – I would love to put up a decal in their office to motivate the community every morning – like the one under the “Decals what?” heading. 🙂

  5. Hi guys, Lelanie here. And I would love, love , love either the inspiration speech bubble for my studio (we all need a little reminder once in a while) to use as an inspiration station above my desk or those cool paper planes, also for my studio-possibly twirlig aournd close to the ceiling. In my opinion, your studio should be a haven of creativity and fun. With a touch of order. 😉 There are so many amazing option to choose from on her website, that it was really hard to narrow it down. If I did a custom decal, I would do a rabbit sitting on it’s hind legs, to stick low down on my wall, by my feet. 🙂 My little creativity companion.

    Thanks for introducing us to this awesome range guys. x

  6. I’m Anneli and if I was lucky enough to win this giveaway, I would definitely go with the Butterfly Heart. Butterflies are hugely symbolic to me and this great piece would finally fill the awful VOID above my TV. I have liked both pages on FB and can’t wait to hear the result!

    • Hi Anneli, I find butterflies mesmerizing because they can transform; one day a caterpillar bound to land and the next moment a stunning butterfly with the freedom of flight. All the best with the competition! 🙂

  7. Anton’s the name, and I will love to pimp our guest bathroom below our stairs with either a windy cherry blossom design, or a windy autumn tree design. It’s a small space& it’s tricky to liven it up because of the spacial restrictions – enter the decals! Yeeeeaaaaah!

    • Small rooms understairs kan be a bit difficult but, I Like challenges! Perhaps we can do an abstract design to go with the abstract space? Good Luck with the competition 🙂

  8. LARA wants LARA needs, some pretty-cool and pretty-crazy and pretty-sexy for her teenage daughters room for her birthday.

  9. Hi, I just love this! I am in the process of re doing our main bed and would definitely put a large “tree” decal behind our bed in stead of a head board! Loving the design tabloid btw!

    • HI Cherie, That’s a great idea! Decals work very well as headboards. Good Luck with the competition. 🙂

  10. Hi, would love love the tweeting birds for my matric daughter. It’s not been a great year for her so far – health wise and work wise. . . so how wonderful would it be to bring some cheer to her room (where she has been spending so many hours) and her little soul . . .
    Regards Marianne

    • Oh – your comment so touched my heart. I can feel for a young matriculant girl. So much happening in that crucial year. Good luck with the competition and our every best wish to you and your daughter for the rest of her matric year.

  11. I would love the butterfly heart as an alternative to a headboard over my bed. I’ve recently moved into a flat with my boyfriend and it would be the perfect ‘cherry on the cake’ for our little love nest.

    • Hey Deborah – seems a really good reason for wanting a something special. Love the way you describe your nest as a love nest! Enjoy it. Good luck with the competition.

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