Retro Pampering At Petticoat Parlour

Rose and I have been running around like headless chickens this past two weeks – all in preparation for the Hotel Investment Conference Africa (HICA fo’ short) that started this Wednesday in Durbs. One of the sessions will focus largely on sustainable development, green architecture, and future trends within the hospitality design sector. Rose is one of the speakers – along with a handful of (mostly) architects – and should actually, by my watch,  be “hitting the stage” shortly. She will hopefully give you a little feedback on the conference once she returns next week.

Anyhoo, so that is the reason for our radio silence the past week… It is also the reason why my Mother’s Day arrangements has, once again, bit the dust. The only solace – the knowledge that my mum loves me unconditionally and quickly (and often) forgives my slacker ways.

I have however, endeavoured to make it up to her in some way – I’m thinking Mani / Pedis – and I know just the place…

Petticoat Parlour in Green Point has gotten a lot of airtime (ie. various blog posts and mag articles features) since their grand opening last year – and rightly so. This place is extraordinarily cool, as in James-Dean-in-a-leather-jacket cool. The little beauty parlour is a retro dream, 50s-inspired from the black & white chequered floor to the Pop Art pin-ups on the walls (I really didn’t mean for that to rhyme).

The funky day spa offers a wide range of treatments for you ladies looking to refine and unwind. AND some awesome pampering for the gentleman as well (seriously guys, get with the times). I can imagine that Petticoat would also be the perfect place to host a bridal shower or entertain a gaggle of teenage girls!

Who wouldn’t want to sit back with an old fashioned milkshake while someone is buffing you nails to a lustre?! Some vintage tunes on diner jukebox, having a good ole “skinner” (that means “gossip” for those of you who are Afrikaans-challenged). Sitting in those blue 50s diner chairs you are sure to feel like Olivia Newton-John in Grease.

So, this is definitely on my bucket list – might even drag one or two girlfriends with and score some serious brownie points.

Be sure to check out Petticoat Parlour’s website: here for all the necessary details or their Facebook page for the latest specials. I believe the month of May is their birthday month so there is bound to be some awesome birthday and Mother’s Day specials.

Images via Petticoat Parlour

2 thoughts on “Retro Pampering At Petticoat Parlour

  1. I absolutely loved reading this post.. thanks.. This parlour looks really funky and i would love to visit it next time i am in Cape Town…

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