Décor Dictionary: Eclectic Style

Eclectic style interior

Funky informal Eclectic lounge via vintagerenewal.com (LOVE the pink!)

Eclectic Style:  is a rather avant-garde style of interior design that encompasses a diverse variety of periods, styles and tastes brought together by utilizing colour, texture, form and finish. This matching of various styles, periods and elements results in a multi-layered and highly individual interior loaded with interest.

A basic example: take a Persian rug; add a Louis XVI chair coupled with a contemporary geometric scatter cushion; then add a rather industrial-looking floor lamp and maybe even a mid-century side table, et voilà!

A little challenge: comment below and identify the various elements that makes the image above “Eclectic

Image via: Vintage Renewal

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  1. Marica, you’re obsessed with multiple purpose ladders and scatter cushions… they are nice though…whimsically cheerful.

    • Okay, I will admit it… I am TOTALLY obsessed with scatter cushions – can’t deny that. BUT, in my defence, I didn’t even noticed the ladder in the picture until you mentioned it now…

      So, as payback – can you identify some elements?

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