Scatter cushion stuffing

Quick Tip #8: Scatter Cushions – It’s All In The Stuffing

Scatter cushion stuffing

That cheap scatter cushion might be beautiful but you should think twice before buying a stack of them…a good scatter is all in the stuffing you see.

#8   When selecting a scatter cushion the density of the inner is quite important. Try not to buy scatters that are either too hard or too soft as they have a low comfort factor and will be an irritant when sitting. Down or feather-mix inners are considered to be the premium choice and can easily be reshaped and plumped. Try avoiding cushions with shredded foam as it gets lumpy or 100% polyester/hollow fibre inners that become as flat as a pancake. Rather have 2 quality feather-mix scatters on your sofa than 5 inferior scatters.

Images: Granny GooseCaitlin Wilson



5 thoughts on “Quick Tip #8: Scatter Cushions – It’s All In The Stuffing

    • Hi there Karin, excellent question! You can indeed mix feathers / down with synthetic fibres. In fact, some suppliers sell it like that. Depending on the ratio of the mix, you will just have a much firmer and fuller cushion inner than one filled soley with feathers / down.

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