Kate van Onselen Photography

Meet Joburg photographer, Kate van Onselen – she’s got an excellent eye for a good frame and brings a little enchantment and whimsical flair to each of her shots. Her blog and website is filled with pages of beautiful, inspirational photography – we just had to feature her and find out a little more…

Q:   How did you get into photography? 

A:   I have always been an artsy person, studying fine art throughout school and university so photography has always been something that I have been exposed to and interested in. It was more the theory that got me interested at first, I guess because we studied the masters and founders and understanding their motive and motivations got me interested in using photography as a form of expression. I first properly learned film photography at school and continued with it through to university, but that was very much experimental and not conscious. The first time I realised I wanted to take photography more seriously, was when I was in London in 2006.

Q:   Do you have a particular style and if so could you describe it? 

A:   I would say my style is honest and creative. I aim to show a different perspective with a high fashion approach and ultimately create images that have narrative. I wouldn’t say I follow trends in a conscious way, but obviously they influence my preferences at any time.

Q:   What sort of services do you offer? 

A:   I am a photographer and a graphic designer, I like that there is variance in my creative space. Photography is my passion, if you met me you would know what I mean. So I will consider any creative or photography project that comes my way.

Q:   What is your favoured subject matter? 

A:   I love photographing people, there’s something about capturing a moments emotion that is … something similar to addictive to me. In terms of ‘people genre’, I love fashion and editorial spreads (for the image narrative obviously), portraiture and weddings etc.

Q:   What inspires you?

A:   Lots of things: Fashion, interior décor/ design, Europe, travel, life, my friends and family, other artists and photographers: Annie Leibovitz, James Nachtwey, Anna Wolf, Nirrimi Hakanson, locally Sam Maber, Jacqui Bruniquel, Alix Rose Cowie and Amy Scheepers.

Q:   How would you describe your life’s philosophy?

A:   I try to live by one idea mainly, which is “Life is right now”. i.e live for right now, be happy right now, be the person you want to be right now, work toward what makes you and others happy right now, etc.

Q:   What is next to your bedside pedestal at the moment?

A:   There’s a lot at the moment …my lamp (I love it – my dad made the wooden base), my glasses case, my watch, my blackberry, a box of tissues, The Bang Bang Club, Eat Pray Love (both half read… seen both movies before I read the books now that I think of it), a pile of magazines (Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Jalouse, Marie Claire, Elle Decoration, Ideas Magazine) and a glass of water …

Q:   Could you share your Secret Indulgence with us?

A:   I’m not very good at being secret with anything… my Elle Decoration subscription, browsing the web (endlessly) for inspiration and shopping at flea markets and second hand shops for unique vintage finds.

Q:   In five years time …

A:   I am sure that I will look back and wonder where the last five years went.

Please do yourself a favour and check out Kate’s lovely blog: here and her website: here

You can also find this talented lady on Facebook and Twitter.


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