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Quick Tips #3 & #4: Removing Pen & Ink Stains

Coming out of a discussion I saw on Facebook, here are two easy tips for removing pen & inks marks from your furniture (thanks Kelly & Beverley!)…

#3   Remove pen scratches and stains from vinyl, faux leather & sealed leather furniture by dabbing it with a bit of hand sanitizer on a clean white cloth or cotton wool. However, do not try this on suede or untreated, unsealed or soft leather as it would further damage your leather. I also read somewhere that you can use milk in the same way – the enzymes in the milk will break down the stain and moisturise the leather at the same time.

#4   You can remove ink stains and marks from fabric items & clothes with a bit of antiseptic liquid (like Dettol or Savlon). Dab some cotton wool in the antiseptic liquid, give the stain a good rub and then toss it into the washing machine.


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