Stain Your Wood With Coffee

Quick Tip #2: Stain Your Wood With Coffee

Here is a super-dooper organic quick tip for you:

#2  Did you know you can stain your wooden furniture with coffee?! Yup, just make a pot of instant coffee and apply it with a brush to your sanded timber item. Leave your item to dry and add more coats of your coffee stain if necessary, then finish off with your choice of wood sealer. Stronger coffee equals a darker stain and weaker coffee a lighter tone. It’s quick, easy and all-natural.

See the step-by-step coffee wood stain tutorial: here

Image Sources: 1 | 2


10 thoughts on “Quick Tip #2: Stain Your Wood With Coffee

  1. I was thinking of doing some liming on a little sanded side table, I think I might hit the coffee option!

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