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Box Living

By Marica

Box Living recently introduced their latest furniture range in anticipation of spring. The range, appropriately called The Bloom Collection, incorporates organic swirls and spirals, also plant, shell, and horn motifs. Some pieces even incorporate a little 60’s inspiration with several “flower power” patterns.

A view designs from the Bloom Collection. Image via Visi

Headed by Tristan Voss and his brother-in-law Dale Rautenbach, Box Living was born a couple of years ago when they stumbled upon a small furniture collection in Indonesia designed by architects Marcel Opstal and Maya Basroel.

From the Snap Collection catalogue. Image via Box Living

There is something truly unique about Box Living’s furniture ranges and designs. Even though most of the pieces are orient-inspired, it has rare global trend relevance. Highly detailed with a strong eclectic-mix, each piece is a feature item – a bold statement to any interior.

More of the Snap Collection. I find it so bold and brooding. Image via Box Living

I particularly love the mirrors – big, oversized and ornate, they are fated to be the focal point of the room they inhabit.

They have a small but gorgeous selection of rugs too. Image via Box Living

Although the furniture is of oriental origin, the designs are timeless & elegant – this is no cheap mass-produced shipment that fell off a Chinese boat.

I love the breathtaking geometric mirror detail in the pieces featured above. It forms part of the Nipis Collection. Image via Box Living

With its bold chinoiserie and strong geometric patterns, most Box Living pieces are destined for an opulent Hollywood Recency styled room or will deliver a bit of eastern fusion to any contemporary interior.

Part of the gorgeous outdoor range. Image via Box Living

Some of their other ranges include Snap, a prêt-a-porter collection of their most sought-after furniture and décor pieces; a stylish and natural weather-resistant outdoor range and the Nipis Collection with features intricate weaving and exceptional detailing.

Beautiful! – also part of the Nipis Collection. Image via Box Living

So what do you think? Do you also find it beautifully brooding and strangely emotive?

I had such difficulty deciding with images to use for their post – all of the feature such gorgeous items. Be sure to check out the complete catalogues on Box Living’s website: here.

12 Kitchen Accessories Under R200

By Marica

Your kitchen is one of the areas in your home that you spend a decent amount of time in everyday. Now, since open-plan living has become the norm, it is more important than ever to have a presentable kitchen. Whilst entertaining the kitchen will often develop into hub of chatter and food preparation. I really enjoy shopping for kitchenware as there are just so many relatively cheap and beautiful things to choose from. Give your kitchen a little facelift with these under R200 bargain beauties…

Like we have mentioned a couple of times before - typography is big, and these awesome alphabet mugs are super hot! I have a weakness for funky mugs. These lovelies are available from @HOme for R19.00 each.
These gorgeous "embossed" glasses are from Poetry for R35.00 each. Dainty and nostalgic.
Interchange the embossed glasses with these Woolworths beautiful wave tumblers - R39.95 each

I love these lovely glass jars - fill them with sugar, flour and other baking ingredients and display them proudly on your kitchen counter. Mr. Price Home - go for the large jar for R79.99
This post was supposed to be "Kitchen Accessories Under R100" until I saw this beautiful stoneware salt keeper form Le Creuset for R190 on Yuppie Chef .
This gorgeous chopping board is made out of solid Kiaat. Available at Weylandts in various sizes - from R99.00. They also have a larger solid Acacia chopping board for R199.00

I adore these beautiful patterned plates from Mr. Price Home. I'm a totally sucker for paisley and in such a bold, trendy blue - I might actually go buy a set for myself! The dinner plates are R25.99 and the side plates R15.99 each
This Retro washing powder tin is available at Mr. Price Home for R99.99
I love this beautiful mix-and-match cake fork set. Cake forks can be quite collectable and an interesting assortment can be cleverly displayed for functional and decorative feature. These pretties are also form Mr. Price Home @ R129.99


This cute teapot-shaped teabag holder is from Quirky Me for 60 Bucks. Isn't it just adorable? You can also keep it next to your stove to place your messy utensils on while cooking. Or even on your serving tray for all the used teaspoons.
How could I not include a little Skinny LaMinx loveliness! This gorgeous blue teacups dishcloth is R95.00

And then of course what is a kitchen without cookbooks? This gorgeous book by SA's own "Queen of Tarts", Tina Bester, is filled with delicious feel-good recipes. R149.00 @ Exclusive Books.

Quick Tips - Decor Diva - The Design Tabloid

Quick Tip #5: Freeze in a Flash

Image via

I learned this lovely tip from Martha Stewart:

#5   Here is a quick way to chill your drinks before an unplanned party or when on a camping trip. Place your bottles/cans in a bucket or container and add a layer of ice followed by a layer of salt; repeat the ice/salt layering until you almost reach the top. Fill the bucket with cold water to just below the ice line. Thanks to the salt the water in the bucket will be colder than normal, chilling you drinks in less than 10 minutes!

Colour-Coded Inspiration: Yellow

By Marica

The rainy winter has me craving a sunny day – this gloomy weather has the power to seriously depress (that, and probably the lack of sun-given Vitamin D). Here is a little visual Vitamin D inspiration to cheer you up seeing that Yellow equals sunshine! Yellow is a warm colour that denotes happiness and joy – there is not a colour more cheerful and perky than yellow. It is also said to stimulate creative and intellectual energy and symbolizes wisdom.

Use bright yellow to create excitement when red or orange may be too strong or overbearing. Yellow suggests freshness and citrus fruitiness. For a lovely contemporary and trendy combination use yellow together with shades of cool grey – it makes quite a statement (think bold geometrics and chevron patterns). If you are looking for a more refreshing ambience try using yellow with blue as they are a high contrast, eye-popping combination.

Featured Image via Pinterest. From top left: Desert Rose Locker – Egg Designs /Gumboot Dancer Fabric – So Kiff / Ceramic Bowls and Plate with Bird and Flower Detail – Gemma Orkin / Yellow Chevron Chair – Sarah Ord / Grey & Yellow Striped Rug – Mr. Price Home / Yellow & Black Geometric Storage Unit – Adriaan Hugo / Family Lamp – Dokter & Misses / Chartreuse Nightingale Print – Mengsel

Feature Images via Pinterest. From top left:  Bright Yellow Scatter Cushion – @Home / Rickety House Fabric – Unwrapped / Yellow Watering Can – @Home / Knitted Popcorn Cushion – bshorr via Etsy / Flower Jug – Gemma Orkin / Yellow Side Table – Tonic Design / Hanging Tea Light Holder – Mr. Price Home / Suede Throw – @Home / Ceramic Flower Bowl – Gemma Orkin / Yellow Zebra Stripe Cushion – MiCasaBella via Etsy / Blue & Yellow Cushion – fabricjunkie1640 via Etsy

Décor Dictionary: Recycling & Upcycling

The terms Recycled and Upcycled has been throw around much of late. Rose recently wrote an article for City Magazine’s Green Issue and set about defining these terms as design concepts:

These Heath Nash pendant lights are excellent examples of RECYCLING in design. They are made of old plastic bottles and milk jugs.

Recycle:   This means that an object has been made redundant (it has not other use) and can be trashed or re-purposed. The item is then taken, broken down and reinvented to emerge as a brand new item. A clever South African designer by the name of Heath Nash has designed and produced many works of art from useless recycled objects & trash like plastic bottles.

I'm sure you all recognise these cute Recreate suitcase ottomans & stools. They perfectly illustrate the term UPCYCLED.

Upcycle (or up-cycle):   Upcycling is not a new trend, yet to many, it is now gaining visibility due to the fact that the current nostalgic trend is driving it forward. Upcycling involves taking an unwanted item (such as an old piece of furniture) and creating something new with it, thus increasing its value as a bespoke item, yet still retaining the items sense of origin. Vintage furniture is being given all sorts of treatment with paint and the like, changing it from undesirable to totally desirable and trendy, thus increasing it’s value. An excellent example of upcycling is the pieces created by Katie Thompson of Recreate. She (re)creates items made from old farm metal bath tubs, buckets and pails and old leather suitcases, which she converts into ottomans and seats.