Quick Tips - Decor Diva - The Design Tabloid

Introducing Quick Tips

Quick Tips - Decor Diva - The Design Tabloid

Introducing “Quick Tips“, a collection of lifestyle tips & tricks – anything from arranging your bedroom scatter cushions to removing grass stains form a white sofa. We’ll post them as we think of them, adding a couple every week.

We need you! What is you favourite lifestyle tip or nifty trick? Maybe an old folk remedy or “boereraat”? Tell us about it!

Since our first Décor Dictionary entry was Feng Shui we thought it best to make our first ever Quick Tip also Feng Shui related. So, without further ado; Quick Tip numbero uno:

#1   Feng Shui does not do clutter. It is a no-no!!  Think of it this way, clutter hampers the flow of energy. So get out there and as Nike says ‘just do it’. To avoid getting bored while you de-clutter – take it on in bite sizes.


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