Get This Look: Victorian Bathroom Blues

By MaricaI found this cheery little (modern) Victorian bathroom while trawling Pinterest, one of my new obsessions hobbies. So we decided to do our own version of “GET THE LOOK” (hopefully the first of many)!


1. Meadow Chandelier – The Lighting Warehouse

2. Single Ended Victorian Bath – Victorian Bathrooms

3. Round Sabre Leg Side Table – Pierre Cronje (isn’t it just drop-dead gorgeous!)

4. Free-standing Bath Mixer – HansGrohe

5. Temple Figurine – Woolworths (If, like me, you don’t really do the whole temple figurine thing; Woolworths also has some lovely big ceramic candle holders (get a couple and group them) find them: here).

6. Aqua Bath Sheet – @Home

7. White Bath Mat with Geometric Pattern –

8. Ginkoleaf Fabric in Aqua – Lula Fabrics   OR:

9. Assyrian Vine Fabric, colour: Luna – Hetrex Fabrics (It’s from the beautiful IMAN range)

ADD THIS:  Add a splash of colour with a beautiful potted orchid.

And there you have it! Our very first Get The Look! P.S. Come find Rose and myself on Pinterest to see what products, images and ideas we love.



8 thoughts on “Get This Look: Victorian Bathroom Blues

    • Hi Lelanie – although our opting for a ‘blue’ themed bathroom was purely co-incidental, I noticed that blue was the colour that most people were working with. Cool, calm thinking spaces must be the order of the day.

    • Sumaiya, painting a cast iron bath can be quite the mission. First prize would be to hire a professional tub re-finisher. If you are going to do it yourself preparation is very important – use either an oil-based primer followed by the emulsion paint, or an oil-based / enamel paint on its own. Check out this website for more info: DIYdoctor. I am not quite sure about the colour. If you are from South Africa check out the Plascon website or any hardware store for a selection of paint swatches and choose a colour you are happy with.

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