Décor Diva: How To Snuggle Up This Winter

10 Essentials for a lazy winter’s evening…

At the moment in time, we are going through our winter season here in SA.  Having said that, in Cape Town we are experiencing the most gorgeous warm winter days, when it should actually be grey, wet and cold days (much like it was up until about 10 days ago).

BUT – I am not fooled.  Those cold, wet and grey days are going to be back.  And when it does, I hope you have that the 10 Décor/Lifestyle essential below will be found in your living room.

1.   Comfortable sofa to stretch out on. OR that easy chair in antique leather that shouts out “sink into me”. This comfy sofa is from Klooftique.

2.   Ottoman or footstool, onto which to lift up your feet. Ottoman from JVB.

3.   Scatter cushion in warm tones filled with part goose down inners – to further ‘sink’ into. Scatter cushions from Cushion Snob.

4.   Warm winter throw blanket. Beautiful fluffy throw from Loads of Living.

5.   Fireplace with the real thing going OR heater if no fireplace. Image via Pinterest

6.   A side lamp or standing lamp- both for the ambient effect / reading. GORGEOUS brass Lab Light from Anatomy Design.

7.   A good sized TV. Image via Pinterest

8.   Slippers. These funky sheepskin beauties are from Sheepskin Slippers via Etsy. Love the colours!

9.   For the ‘I don’t watch TV’ people – a good book or magazine. Image via Pinterest

10.   A hot toddy or cuppa hot chocoffie. Stunning translucent ceramic mugs from John Newdigate Ceramics.

You now have the essentials for a toasty winter’s evening at home.  Catch up with you again soon.


About Rose McClement

Biz owner / entrepreneur in Interior Décor / Design / consultant / mag column writer / avid blogger bringing the skinny on design as Proudly South African.

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  1. Hi Rose, I happened upon the Anatomy Design studio at 44 Stanley last week and had a really good look at that signature table and standing lamp of theirs. It’s fantastic! And they can do it in just about any colour. Love it! Great post. Yes, sadly I think that you are right about winter being far from over..

    • Oooh, lucky, lucky girl! I have to say their lighting designs are ingenious – if I remember correctly the lamp above won Design Indaba 2010’s Most Beautiful Object in South Africa.

      Ah and it’s cold day in Cape Town this morning – so much for our week of sunshine…

  2. oh nice Rose. I love those translucent ceramic mugs and of course anything with an Eifel on 🙂

    • Aren’t those mugs gorgeous?! He’s got a whole range of translucent-ish ceramics – stumbled upon his products by chance. We truly have some talented people living in South Africa! 😉

  3. The scatter cushions are lovely. Would it be wrong to fill my entire bedroom with them? A wonderful post!

  4. Priscilla Finch

    Hi Rose
    What a stunning selection to survive winter;makes me want to go out shopping!!

    I love the lab light-would be just right for my study-sigh……perhaps one day!

  5. Hey Priscilla- Nike have a wonderful philosophy – Just Do It. Start the study collection now.

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