Abigail K Captures Precious Moments

By now you would surely have noticed that we like photography as an art form what with all the photographers we have recently featured.

Well here we are again, with yet another talented lady to profile – allow me to introduce to you, the lovely Abigail Klopper

Abigail is such a charming person and I guess that makes it easier for her to skilfully capture the true essence of a person, recording the precious moments for all time.  She is able to artfully present something so personal and unique in her photography.

Even images of inanimate objects such as a candelabra you could effortless use as an art piece in your space.

Enjoy the pieces of her life she shares with us now…

Q:   How did you get into photography? 

A:   My dad is an avid hobbyist and growing up, he always had his camera on holiday trips and special events. When my husband and I got together, we did lots of travelling ourselves and we started snapping away on holiday to remember our memories. The hobby soon turned into a passion and naturally progressed into something that I wanted to do for other people.

Q:   Do you have a particular style and if so could you describe it? 

A:   The styles of my shoots are dictated by the client and the purpose of the shoot. If I had to restrict myself to a particular style, I suppose I’d say it borders on the contemporary.

Q:   What sort of services do you offer?

A:   I specialise in weddings, corporate and private events and corporate and private portraits.

Q:   What is your favoured subject matter? 

A:   Weddings, children and babies.

Q:   What inspires you?

A:   Cape Town inspires me! I love being a photographer in Cape Town because it’s such a beautiful city with so many beautiful backdrops filled with beautiful people.

Q:   How would you describe your life’s philosophy?

A:   I’m a ‘glass-half-full’ kinda girl. I always try to be positive and believe that in any situation, as in life, what we put in is what we get out.

Q:   What is next to your bedside pedestal at the moment?

A:   A Photo of my husband and I and my i-pod

Q:   Could you share your Secret Indulgence with us

A:   Late morning lie-ins, E! Channel and loud 80’s music!

Q:   In five years time …

A:   I’ll be 5 years wiser, 5 years more successful and with 5 more years to be grateful for.

Pay a visit to Abigail’s website for more: www.abigailk.co.za

And if you have that special occasion you would like her to capture and interpret for you, then drop her line: info@abigailk.co.za


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