Decor Diva: Colour Your World

I am totally fascinated by colour. Try as I may, I could never imagine living in a world that has no colour in it – even if it black or white, it is still colour.


Everything we can see has a colour, everything you feel has colour, everywhere you go involves colour.  Around us, in our homes, at work, in nature, in space – it is universal.  Colour is as natural to our everyday life as breathing is to our bodies.


As I sat down to write this post, I decided that maybe I should pop onto the net to take a deeper look into colour – see if there is actually a definition for the word “colour” – perhaps gain an historical perspective of it.  My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of:   “I so take the world of colour for granted, but when was it first named “colour”.


Little did I realise that I was on my way to a science lesson, covering issues of light waves, electrons, atoms, reflection, absorption, the eye and its mechanisms.  A real head full of facts, but my conclusion – simply – colour is energy around us and in us.


This then means that colour touches our bodies, our moods, our dress sense and the décor of the places you inhabit most – home, office, malls, gardens etc. It can either inspire us or turn us away.


Possibly one of the very first steps to be taken when determining your décor & design style is to “Know thyself”.


We have decided that on a regular basis we are going to look at how we can harness that energy of colour and make it work for us;  How we get to know ourselves via colour and use it to bring the expression of our personalities in our homes, in our offices and in our gardens – our space.


I recently met a life coach, Claudia Brandt who is very involved with colour, from the point of view that she uses a personality assessment tool called Personality-abc. Personality-abc identifies three basic human behavioural patterns and uses three colours to represent them. These colours are Red (people with strong leadership qualities); Yellow (us very warm, intuitive, friendly and people’s person type – like moi); and then blue (the thinkers of this world).

Keep an eye on this blog in the weeks to come as we assists you in ‘colouring your world’.

By the way – it looks like I am a definite yellow, red, blue person.

Images via:

1 – Simply Grove

2 – Design Seeds


9 thoughts on “Decor Diva: Colour Your World

  1. Interesting!! I am a mixture of yellow and red!! I love how you brought out the colours in the various pictures. I just don’t have an eye for that. I guess it take practice. I like how you said to decorate is to know thyself. I tend to go for the orange and red in my house. Very interesting…thanks!

    • Hey Kelly! Those lovely colour images are from a website called Design Seeds. They take photos and then colour code them – beautiful hey, it’s page upon page of inspiration.

      P.S. Your mom says you “read the manuals like your dad”, so you have a bit of blue in you too! lol

    • Thanks Vicki! I too have become SUPER aware of colour, it plays such a great part in design and mood. I’m thinking of creating a small(er) scale version of that first image for our studio – love that.

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