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To celebrate our first guest blogger and almost 10, 000 pageviews (might sound like a little but it’s a big deal to us) we are giving away a year subscription to VISI Magazine.

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Unfortunately only people living in South Africa are eligible for this Give-Away. We will announce the lucky winner on Monday, 11 July 2011.


12 thoughts on “GIVE-AWAY! Win a Year Subscription to VISI…

  1. This country inspires me. You don’t need to visit Paris, or Milan, or New York, here in our own backyard, here you can find inspiration. Creativity lurks around every corner; just be open to it. I am proud of being South African, this country brings out the creativity in me.

  2. what I love about SA?? Its a country alive with so many possibilities. It epitomises the saying “If you will it, it will be”. And it makes being a creative person so damn easy – just look around you!

  3. with such diversity of culture we end up with increadible styles and designs! who can not love (and be proud) to be South African with such opportunities and talent all around?!

  4. What makes me Proudly South African is that we have SO much talent here… that we manage to have the people from all over the globe beaming with “African Pride”! It is not only a beautiful country, but has people with incredible “heart” – not often; if ever; will you meet someone; who has visited our awesome country; that does not LOVE South Africa.

  5. I love our unique style and design sense, there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else! There is so much inspiration to be found, whether it’s cool city slick or small dorpie eccentricity… it’s endless!

  6. I’m an American expat but after moving here in 1994 with my South African mother I haven’t looked at going back ever since. I’m incredibly proud to be a South African resident because it’s a diverse country full of inspiration. With new cultural hotspots, restaurants and creative talents popping up everyday – there is never a lack of new things to see and do. It’s the perfect place to play tourist and local and I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else.

  7. What makes me proud to be a South African? Our uniqueness…rooibos, makaraba, kreepy krauly… all uniquely south african and all awesome…just like VISI magazine! 😉

  8. I love that there are many worlds in one country. I love that we have ample space for contemplation no matter what your view of choice. I love the big-bellied Karoo moon, I love that you can drive through arid landscape and suddenly find yourself amidst towering mountains while driving through Hexriver Valley. So, I guess the one thing that always brings me home is the landscape.

  9. Oh Man – I thought I was proudly South African, but it is so fabulous to know that I am only one of the many out there, who just cannot help but know that we as people are so unique. All your input and comments are mind blowing and hugely inspirational. Thank you to each one for being willing to share your feelings about our Country. Enjoy the sunny Cape Town day.

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