Through The Lens Of Sally Wellbeloved

During the time that I have worked in the interiors profession, I have met all manner of people who ply their artistic trade, services and products, touching the various genres of design.

Meet Sally Wellbeloved (what a generous name) who came across our path during the course of last year.  I am so impressed with her style of work as well as her philosophy of life.  She is such an energetic person and such a pleasure to be around, that we thought we would share our experience of Sally with you, via a Q & A time, as well as opening some of the pages of her portfolio with you.

I urge you to pay particular attention to her ’abstract’ images.  They are seriously mind-boggling.  I have no idea how she achieves that effect, but it works for me. It has once again ignited a flame of interest in the abstract works.

Q:   How did you get into photography? 

A:   I’d always loved photography as a child, and it then became a ‘buried passion’ as I grew up and got busy with other things.  When I was in my late 20’s I re-ignited my passion for photography and after won a camera in a competition I began to take it seriously and soon after that I left the corporate world and worked with an aerial photographer where I learned the ropes, and then I took the bold step to launch my own photography business!

Q:   Do you have a particular style and if so could you describe it?  

A:   I do have a style with my artistic photographic works – I love to take natural scenes and work them into muted colour tones, it creates a slightly dreamy and surreal feeling which I just love.  When it comes to my commercial shooting, I keep my images bold, crisp and clean.

Q:   What sort of services do you offer?

A:   Currently I am offering a fairly wide range of photographic services.  I specialise in buildings and interiors, doing work mostly for architects, interior decorators, property developers and real estate agencies.  In addition I do portraits and product work in studio which I enjoy, as well as events, weddings and documentary projects which can be very challenging but a great way to stretch and grow my skill-set!  

 Q:   What is your favoured subject matter? 

A:   Buildings, animals and landscapes

Q:   What inspires you? 

A:   Tough question as there is so much out there that inspiring, there are so many talented photographers in South Africa at the moment! I draw a lot from other artistic landscape and wildlife photographers like Lambro and Caroline Gibello….  

 Q:   How would you describe your life’s philosophy?

A:   My philosophy is simple – life is here for us to enjoy.  We spend so much time worrying and stressing, and what we need to do, as much as we can, is to release that – stop trying to control what we cannot ever control and spend more time in trust, faith and joy.  Life is a celebration, each and every moment of it, when you allow yourself to truly enjoy who you are and what is possible!

Q:   What is next to your bedside pedestal at the moment?

A:   A large assorted pile of books! 

Q:   Could you share your Secret Indulgence with us? 

A:   Raw chocolate and buckwheaties…. guilt free and delicious!!

 Q:   In five years time …

A:   I intend to have a fine art and canvas printing shop in the Southern Suburbs with staff so that I can free up my time to travel and focus more on artistic photography, as well as giving talks to inspire and empower women and teenagers  – if I can do it, then anybody can!

Find Sally’s website: here. You can also check her out on CynaminArt – she offers a wide variety of services including canvas printing (the facility to have one’s own photos printed unto canvas is quite useful);  framing; and a collection of fine artists’ and photographers’ work can also be purchased through CynaminArt.


5 thoughts on “Through The Lens Of Sally Wellbeloved

  1. I love, love, LOVE the abstract photographs – it’s really something special and unique. Sally, i hope you do a whole series of them….

  2. Super gorgeous! I really love her composition! The almost controlled composition forms a nice juxtaposition with the subject matter.

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