Thistle Cottage – Up-cycled Treasure Trove

Many years ago a very good friend of mine, Margot Ammerman, took the bold step of buying a quaint cottage along Belvedere Road to convert into a shop for her abundance of furniture and objects d’art – a right treasure trove.

Today we classify her style of shop as nostalgic, vintage with up-cycled furniture.  It seems as if Margot was really ahead of her time OR she has been found doing the right thing at the right time – up grading furniture and accessories from the past to that place of being something trendy we just need to have.

She trawls the auctions and other hidden places gathering her wares.  Then takes them to her workshop at the back of Thistle Cottage, where she applies her magic in paint techniques to transform the each piece of furniture to something shabby chic (poor husband has also been found with paint dripping from his hair as well).  In fact, Thistle Cottage has many services to offer, including upgrading your ole stuff.

There are plenty of décor accessories to be had as well for any room in the house. When I go to Thistle Cottage, I have to give myself plenty of time there, just to be able to take in everything.  I am one of those people who get great pleasure from just shopping with my eyes.

So, when you are next going along Belvedere Road look out for the quaint cottage, painted dark grey, with swing plate announcing Thistle Cottage.  One of the latest members of staff there is little Ruby Grace – Margot’s totally charming and beautiful baby girl.

80 Belvedere Road
Cape Town
Tel: 021 683 0060

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