8 Paintings In 8 Days

Our followers will know that we recently posted an article on artist Gavin Collins. Well it seems that Gavin is being kept very busy of late with portraits of his highly collectable ‘Street Scenes’ (one of my favourite genres of his works) rolling out of the studio.

Day 1

The reason for the roll out – he is preparing to host a City Street Exhibition in 2 months time.  In the past Gavin only painted District Six, Bo-Kaap and Cape Town scenes and has recently added into the fray New York and Cuba.

Day 2

The first time I encountered one of Gavin’s Street scenes I was totally bowled over, so much so that we gave that painting a place of prominence in the Manhattan-style Absolute Hotel in Limerick, Ireland.

Gavin's Street Scene painting selected for the Absolute Hotel & Spa in Limerick, Ireland

However, not only has Gavin taken on the challenge of producing the art within a short period, but he has also challenged himself on a personal level – he is endeavouring to produce at least one street scene a day (eight paintings in eight days). For me that is like bait would be to a fish – very appealing.

Day 3

The news gets better. Gavin is going to be donating one of these street scene paintings to The Sunflower Fund for their Winter Charity Ball that they are having at the Mount Nelson in July. This will be up for auction.

One of Gavin's paintings will be auctioned off at The Sunflower Fund's Winter Charity Ball - what a worthy cause.

Saving the best for last, and moving away from the street scenes – I cannot resist including the image of this painting – The Chariot Race – full of movement and challenge.

Chariot Race

For the last week or so, we here at the Tabloid have been on a bit of an art trail. So watch this space.

A lovely weekend to you all.


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