Decorex CT 2011 – Lasting Impressions continued…

Walking past an impressive lighting stand, Newport Lighting, I noticed a consultant I had worked with in days past.  It was Guy Harris a very clever lighting consultant. Newport is also in the business of custom made light fittings and lamps, some of which were on display.

Newport Lighting. Image via Visi

One of the strong trends of the day is handcrafted retro interior objects with many stunning South African designs to be found under the auspices of the Cape Craft and Design Institute – one of my favourite stops.  Walking towards the stand, I was struck by something I thought that I had left behind never to meet again – crocheted lamp shades- suspended from the ceiling.  But these have a modern twist to them.  Oversized and grouped together really puts a completely new spin on Ouma’s crocheted lampshades!

Actually what came to mind was the image of the little brass lampbase I had so many years ago.  Its shade was a crocheted number – one that I was happy to dispense of.   And trends have resurrected it – Oh My Gosh!!!! Maybe I was just ahead of my time or – it must be true, history does repeat itself.

Crochet Pendant Lighting. Image via Visi

Further impressions were made by Tin Town objects & gifts, plus Loveramics. Loveramics is actually manufactured in the East, but distributed locally.  Great for us.  Not only are the designs eye-candy, but the quality is superb. Even the name of the brand is attractive – Loveramics.

Tin Town. Image via Tin Town
The Beautiful Loveramics

The contents of Ubuntu Garden stand will forever stay with me.  See for yourself – it is such a unique way of presenting the gardening lifestyle and evoked a great deal of reaction.  Plants growing out of a sexy pink bra or red bra??? Have you seen something like this before?  It speaks to me of an innovative gardener, who can take your garden to the least expected places.  I noticed that she was one of the exhibition winners – well done Lee Last (my name is Last, Lee Last – says she, in a tone reminiscent to Bond, James Bond).   Her co-conspirator was Mondeor Garden & Life.

The quirky Ubuntu Gardens the bra's

Looking at more of the hard finishes of interiors, I came across Silestone, the competitor to CaesarStone. This is the Resin/Quartz composite stone applied in kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  Claims are that this stone finish has an anti-bacterial protection.  I mention them, as it is always a worthwhile exercise when sourcing your finishes, to look at similar stone with a view to competitive pricing.


CONGRATS TO THE DECOREX TEAM – An excellent exhibition, well executed.  Warning to Gauteng and Durban people – be prepared for a sensational South African interiors experience.

Stick around for my next two Decorex articles – Talking Trends and Talking Designers.

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Images: Visi & Decorex


7 thoughts on “Decorex CT 2011 – Lasting Impressions continued…

    • Hi Lee – You are welcome. I was so taken by your bold approach in using the bras. My feelings – if this is what you do with a exhibit stand, then were you do to my garden, I could rely on innovations. Well done!

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