Cara Saven Photography: Aqua Floral Series

By Marica

Rose and I just had to share these images from Cara Saven Photography with you. It’s a new series called Aqua Florals and we think it’s absolutely brilliant! So refreshingly beautiful.

I think the Protea Image is my favourite… but it is so hard to choose.

What I love about these images is that they are so fresh and deliciously summery.

The tranquil neutral hues of the water, a vibrant shock of colour from the flowers and then the subtle motion from the bubbles.

We have worked with Cara before on some of our previous projects and we just love her originality – she photographed custom images for our spaces that complimented the design as a whole. It’s just that final detailed touch to unify an interior.

Check out her website to view the rest of the images in this series. (Do it now! It’s a must. Do it!) Do take a glimpse at the rest of her portfolio – there are some remarkable images.

Oh, and she does amazing custom photographic wallpaper too!


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